Jenifer embarks on a new project far from music

Jenifer continues to surprise her fans by launching a new collection of decorations, making another of her dreams come true.

Jenifer’s not out of work for the first day of school! The singer of Comme c’est bon has surprised her fans by unveiling a new project. This time, it has nothing to do with the world of music or The Voice: Jenifer is launching a collection of decorative objects called Ligati, in association with the company Exsud Design. According to the singer and now designer, this collection is inspired by her native Corsica and her travels and is “electric, vintage, chic and glamorous”, as she explains to Yahoo.” I’ve always been a fan of decoration, I’ve always loved it, I have an unconditional love for craftsmanship and I’ve always loved materials,” she explains. Decoration allowed me to fulfil the dream of a young girl who would customise my own clothes and my own objects. If she was able to launch her collection today, it is “a story above all of encounters, because it’s thanks to these encounters that I am and that I’ve managed to follow my dreams somewhere,” she says.

A collection inspired by Corsica

This range of interior objects is inspired by the singer’s childhood: “The object that reminds me of my childhood are the lampshades, that’s why there are these pleated lampshades [in the collection],” explains The Voice Kids’ coach, but above all, it’s Corsica, the singer’s native region, that inspired her: “We find the influences of Corsica because Corsica is overflowing with resources….There are a lot of different landscapes, there are seas with different blues, nature is extremely flamboyant, which have been my source of inspiration a lot,” she explains. Jenifer hopes to bring colour into the everyday life of her fans: “That’s why it’s a collection that brings a lot of colour and a lot of cheerfulness… The Ligati collection is available this September.

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